Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO)

Namibia is a young country, located on the South-west coast of Africa. It achieved its Independence in 1990, after a long and arduous liberation struggle. Namibia is a constitutional multi-party democracy, and is a model of stability and peaceful development.Namibia’s Foreign Policy is based on the principles of non-alignment, seeking the peaceful resolution of disputes between countries, under the banner of the United Nations, and a commitment to achieving African unity and increasing co-operation between developing countries.

Although a relatively small country, in terms of population, Namibia is proud of the role it plays in international affairs. We are an active participant in a range of international organisations and we enjoy sound diplomatic relations with most countries in the world.

Namibia is a member of the United Nations Organisation, the Organisation of African Unity, the Southern African Development Community as well as the Commonwealth.

Ministry website: www.mirco.gov.na