Visa Requirements

VISA at the Airport

Citizens of the following countries and territories can now obtain a VISA ON ARRIVAL at Hosea Kutako International Airport for up to 90 days:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
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Attention Czech Nationals : Kindly note that the Namibian Embassy in Berlin, Germany is responsible for bilateral relation with the Czech Republic. Tel: +49 30 254 0950 ,

 Visa at the Embassy – Requirements for TOURIST/ BUSINESS/ TRANSIT/ ENTRY VISAS:
  • Filled and signed application form [PDF]
  • Original passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry and containing at least 3 blank pages for visa endorsements.
  • Passport photo one (1) EU size attached with paperclip to the application
  • Copy of round trip ticket or flight itinerary indicating your trip in and out of Namibia
  • Proof of accommodation reservation for duration of stay in Namibia
  • Travel Medical / Health Insurance
  • Proof of substantial funds for the duration of stay in Namibia. (3 Months Bank Statement / Bank Guarantee)
  • Payment confirmation for a visa –  Please pay before you apply! Fees and Bank Account (click here)
  • Documentation detailing the purpose and duration of the visit e.g. for holiday, sport, conferences, business etc.
  • Travelling with children: The embassy recommends that letters of consent referred to in paragraph 3 be authenticated: [PDF]
  • Group bookings: invitation letter must contain a list of names of all group members
  • Multiple Entry: Travel Plan/Itinerary (visas will be granted on the basis of reasonable ground such as for those applicants who wish to re-enter Namibia for further tourism purpose, or in case of visit for business purpose)
  • Business Visa: invitation letter from the Company in Namibia or NGO giving the applicant’s name and details of their visit

Submission and collection procedure:

  • In person
  • Authorized individual (Authorization letter  )
  • Courier Services (arranged by applicant )


Processing Time: 7 working days ,  Express Service: 3 working days

All correspondence and documents should be in english only!

Please complete ALL sections of the application form and sign it. Be sure to enclose ALL required documentation and fees. Incomplete (or incorrect) information or missing documentation (and/or fees) will result in a delay in the processing of your application!

  • Information for Foreign Media [PDF]
  • Bringing Firearms/Ammunition into Namibia:
  • Application form [PDF] , ,  ,  NAPHA Namibia Professional Hunting Association
  • VACCINATION requirement for travelers to and from Namibia: all travelers from the countries listed are required to have up to date vaccination status and should update their Yellow Fever vaccination 10 days in advance before traveling to the Republic of Namibia and must carry their vaccination cards along. The immigration officers will be required to check all travelers having their required documents. Please note that Namibia is not a Yellow Fever endemic country. No Single case has ever been reported. List of Yellow Fever Endemic Zone.pdf pdf button
  • Malaria shots are advised (malaria is endemic in northern Namibia)
  • The maximum of ninety (90) days per year for both leisure and business visit may be taken once or in part
  • Visa fee is non-refundable
  • Visitors with tourist visas are not allowed to engage in any employment while in the country (including voluntary work)
  • Work/Study/Research permit should be applied for in their country of residence prior to entry in Namibia,

Dear applicants: you are kindly advised to check your visa before departure to ensure that the purpose, period and number of entries are correct.


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